On the Corporate Advisory side, we are effectively involved in helping businesses in Africa that are looking for foreign capital to expand / restructure their businesses. On the other side, we also assist foreign investors to find investment opportunities in Africa. Our investors are a range of private equity institutions, family offices and DFIs. Although we are sector agnostic, we have particular expertise in Financial Services , Aviation, Energy and Agro-Industrials, primarily in downstream processing.
The full spectrum of our Corporate Advisory services are as follows:

Seller Advisory:

Our unique approach results in marketing materials richer in strategic content and better tailored to potential buyers, both of which drive higher valuations. We guide our clients through every step of the sale process. Typical steps in a seller advisory or recapitalisation engagement include:

Strategic Alternatives Analysis

 QUINT invests a significant amount of time with clients developing a deep understanding of their goals and exploring all alternatives. On an on-going basis, we review current market conditions, expected valuations and the issues and process associated with the execution of any transaction.


 We conduct extensive company and industry due diligence to understand the client’s strengths and weaknesses, opportunities, competitive climate and macro industry trends. Following due diligence, we work with the client to prepare comprehensive marketing materials, tailor an appropriate process (ranging from very targeted to relatively broad), and identify the most appropriate financial and strategic buyers.

Transaction Execution.

 QUINT manages all phases of the process, including: contacting potential buyers, distributing marketing materials, managing the due diligence process for a limited number of parties, advising on the selection process for the winning bidder, and right through to the execution of a letter of intent.


We work closely with our clients to manage lawyers, accountants and all other parties who are involved in the final stages of the transaction. By leveraging our experience, QUINT work to keep both parties focused on the ultimate goal of achieving the optimal outcomes.


Making value-building acquisitions is a challenging proposition, and no ‘one-sizefits-all’ approach can possibly be optimal. Our team will take a highly customised approach for each client, carefully understanding their needs and helping to shape the strategy before finding and approaching acquisition candidates that fit the clients’ requirements and vision. An acquisition assignment typically encompasses Strategy Development, Target Identification, Transaction Execution and Integration Planning.


Our Corporate Finance services typically include the following:

  • Corporate Strategy development    To work with clients in evaluating which direction to drive the business, that is: should the company grow organically or via  acquisitions? Does it make sense to diversify into new markets or expand the existing product range.
  •  Business Review and Planning.    Discuss with the client and ascertain how business performance is being measured. This can be done through reviewing the budget process and preparing more realistic budgets and forecasts. We work with clients on a regular basis to put together a robust business plan and financial model.

Raising Capital

We have helped companies raise nearly every form of debt and equity capital — in markets that are both favorable and difficult. Our well-developed network of institutional investors can provide both capital and industry expertise, which enables us to help find the optimal investor for each client. At the outset, we get an understanding of the optimal capital structure for the business or project.
This lays the foundation for the type and amount of funding sources that would be considered most appropriate in the circumstance, and these typically include any combination of debt, mezzanine finance and equity.


Our strategic advisory services include:

Financial Due Diligence

Financial Modelling

From cost-benefit analyses to investment appraisals to in-depth business plans, we have the right set of tools to deliver a customised, user-friendly and fit-for-purpose financial model.

Valuation Analysis

We overlay our technical skills with commercial knowledge to provide a range of realistic and fair values for businesses or divisions of a business across a range of sectors.

Capital and Balance Sheet Re-structuring.

Balancing the right amount of debt and equity in the business can improve its growth rate, reduce the overall cost of funding and make the working capital cycle efficient.

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